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  • General Purpose Relays

    Available in many different package styles such as full-featured, plain cover and flange mount - Most are compatible with a choice of sockets and accessories.

  • Solid State Relays

    Solid State


    Electronic control devices that have no moving parts - They are suitable for applications that have high cycle rates and
    require reliable and silent operations.

  • Time Delay & Sensor Relays

    Used to control and monitor circuits - The purpose of a time delay relay is to control an event based on time. Sensing relays monitor and react to a voltage or current.

  • Power Relays



    Used to control circuits that exceed 10 amps - They are capable of switching high voltage DC loads and multiple HP motors.

  • Latching Relays

    Utilize impulses to control switching and/or to conserve energy - When the control power is removed, the contacts remain in the closed state. This means they consume energy only for a moment while switching.

  • PCB Relays

    Compact devices used for high power and low level applications that require printed circuit board assembly.